Conversation: 7 Communciation Techniques And Tactics To Win Smal

Conversation: 7 Communciation Techniques and Tactics to Win Small Talks

by Mike Bray

rating: 4.5 (59 reviews)

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Daily conversation and communication

Words. Such a powerful weapon. May be used as a remedy, but they can cause enormous harm as well. In our everyday life, we meet people and we are having conversations, so that it is pretty automatic for us, but what if I tell you that most of the time you are talking to someone, he or she is probably not even listening and not getting the point of what you are saying. It is mostly caused because we are used to using more words than we need to say and they need to hear, so they get easily lost or bored.

Mike Bray

An avid admirer of the human body and a careful observer of its multiple functions, observing reactions of different people during different conversations, founder of seven techniques and tactics to get the attention of your audience or someone who you are talking to, so that you can say more by saying less words.

Communication and conversation, why should I learn about that?

Maybe you are asking yourself, why should you buy this audiobook when there are so many audiobooks about communication tactics and small talks? Well, because most of the other audiobooks about this particular topic give you basically the same information that you can find elsewhere on the Internet, which are only theories and hypotheses on how it should work, but this one is fully supported by Mike himself, so you can find not only basic informations about communciation, but explained psychological tricks that you can easily include in your daily life.

What are the contents of the audiobook and for who do I recommend it?

The audiobook is, first of all, filled with real life situations so that you can include them in your daily life. You will find out some refreshing information about the power of words and, as mentioned in the subtitle, you will find here seven techniques and tactics supported by real life experiences to communicate effectively with your boss, employees, friends, etc.

There is no specific group of people that this audiobook is made for. Even if you are a self-confident person that is used to talking to people every day, you can find new information that you did not know about how to use your tongue more effectively in small talks or presentations. But first of all, this audiobook is excellent if you lack self-confidence and you are not sure how to start conversations without being creepy or awkward.

Summary of what you get by buying this book:

  • Power of words
  • Factors of effective communication
  • Conversation tips
  • Seven techniques and tactics to win small talks
  • Everyday situations used as an explanations
  • Bonus psychology tip




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Conversation: 7 Communciation Techniques and Tactics to Win Small Talks Mike Bray









Mike Bray


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